Reliance Utilities has several electricity providers in New Zealand, and through the website, corporate customers can connect to the appropriate provider at the best rates. The broker works only in New Zealand but is planning to expand to additional markets.
The main industries that use services of Reliance Utilities:
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Chain Stores
  • Construction
To develop a unique web portal that helps to automate and simplify the procedure for selecting an energy supplier and connecting its services for the company’s customers. The solution must have lots of custom Features according to Reliance Utilities specifics of the industry and company’s business processes.
Public part
of the website
We have developed an interactive public part of the website that helps users to:
  • Choose an energy supplier and get the most advantageous offers;

  • Upload electricity bills and calculate the discount amount;

  • Become a Reliance Utilities Partner;
  • Sign up for an online consultation with a company specialist — the service is integrated with Google Calendar and Google Meet;

  • Ask any question of interest in the feedback form.
The administrative panel
Custom the administrative panel that allows Reliance Utilities to:
  • Fully manage the web portal;

  • Edit and add information blocks;

  • Create informational content using the function of creating and editing articles for the news block;
  • Upload a background photo and video posters for most of the blocks;

  • Receive and analyze data from the feedback forms.
Such functionality and abundance of bright visual content help to conduct business in an interesting, engaging and creative way, to attract new customers and increase their loyalty, as well as to present complex energy information in a simple and accessible way.
of the work