The key task was to develop an interactive digital platform for online events within an extremely short timeline.
Maintain the stability of the system while hosting up to 10 000 concurrent users.
Localize the platform to 8 countries
Video streaming with _________
speakers’ presentation
speakers’ presentation & online chat
online chat
Users had access not only to the video streaming but also to the speakers’ presentations. Presentations that were readily available for the public could also be turned off manually through the admin panel.
The ubiquitous management process allowed a single admin to control all language versions simultaneously. Thus, the slides switched almost instantly for all users.
Participants were automatically redirected from the general chat room to the dedicated comment section in their own language. At the same time, commentators had access to their own and private participants’ language rooms in their admin panel. While platform moderators could work on any language room during streaming and users’ private accounts in every language.
A two-sided chat interface for participants and commentators/moderators was one of the most complex elements of the digital platform.
online chat
The digital platform was filled with infotainment content available for users in-between streams:
online tests, schedules, tips, and insights. Users could also simply chat in the “New Ranks” section or discuss issues with the tech support.
To improve the consumer experience, the “picture-in-picture” feature was added to the online player. The users were able to keep watching the stream even when jumping between pages, as the video kept rolling in a smaller window.
The sign-in procedure was facilitated through the authorization emails sent to the registered users. The emails included a unique authorization link and an automatically generated login and password. Thus, users could sign in to the platform with any device or browser.
At the same time, the platform adhered to the safety regulations of commercial events: single streaming from the account was allowed.
Event control features (such as days on/off, streaming on/off, access restrictions before the official event start) were added to the admin panel. The API Gateway was used to create the complex authorization system and access authorization to the system services. At the same time, NGINX was used for web server load balancing and seaml ess switch of users’ requests to services.
The digital platform consists of 3 elements:
for platform users
Admin Panel
for employees
Two-sided chat
for users and moderators
As platform localization to 8 different countries was one of the key tasks, developers had to work side by side with translators. Developers had to work with a large number of tables with translations that were continuously updated by the translators, which were busy localizing content.